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Posted By Mr. Hand on December 29th, 2015

“Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…” Well friends, it has come time for us to turn out the lights. It has been an extraordinary 20 year run for this band. We are so thankful for the opportunities to perform at some incredible events and meet so many great people along [...]


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Norfolk Daily News Article (Originally posted on 1-04-08)

Posted By Mr. Hand on April 27th, 2008

Mr. Hand in the news! The Norfolk Daily News ran a story about Mr. Hand in their entertainment section this week. Read the story on the Norfolk Daily News site or here.

Mr. Hand mixes original tunes with covers for fun times

Mr. Hand, a Northeast Nebraska-based rock trio, was formed in August of 1995. Made up of members Craig Verbeski (drums, vocals), Jeff Conrad (vocals, bass) and Bret Nellor (guitar, vocals), Mr. Hand is in the business of rock.

“We initially started out in 1995 as a purely original band. We wrote, recorded and released our first CD in 1996 without even playing a show,” Congrad said. “But, as most bands find out in the Midwest, playing covers pays the bills, but is also a lot of fun at the same time. Playing basic top-40 songs like we do has enabled us to release the four original music CDs that we have written and recorded over the years.”

The band members enjoy performing the music they play.

As Conrad reasons, “The music we cover and the music we write is a direct reflection of the influences we grew up listening to and loving – straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll. Every song we play at our shows is a song we like to play, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. There are some ‘classic’ standards that we could still play if we were dead asleep on stage, but it doesn’t change the fact that those songs still rock.”

But music isn’t all there is to the band, Conrad said. The three members spend a lot of time together and have a tight bond.

“Our band is a testament to the power of friendship. We’ve based Mr. Hand’s whole existence on the premise that the band comes last,” he said. “Family, friends and good times come before the band, and that’s what’s kept us together all these years. Our last band fight was probably 10 years ago, and I remember it was terrible. I never want to do that again.”

One fight in 12 years isn’t bad. Conrad said the band’s longevity has helped bring in the fans.

“We’ve only had one line up change in our 12 years together, and I think people like the familiarity when they see our name on the marquee,” he said. “People know they are going to have a great time coming to see the band they have always known.”

As for the future of the band, Conrad said the band thought about calling it quits after the original drummer left.

“But we couldn’t stand the thought of not cranking up our amps and doing what we have done best for over a decade. We found new life when we hired our current drummer and good friend, Craig Verbeski. He brought a different element into the band, which is cool.”

Mr. Hand wants to keep writing and recording music for as long as it can. Conrad hopes 2008 will bring a fifth album from the band.

Conrad said the band is grateful for how it has been able to put on shows for 12 years. Conrad believes the fans know what they will get when they see Mr. Hand.

“We put on a no nonsense rock show and have a lot of fun doing it. I think our fans appreciate that. They know we aren’t up on stage trying to be something we’re not,” Conrad said. “It’s been awesome to be a part of the Norfolk-area music scene for so long, and to still pack the house at local bars and towns. We’ve met a lot of cool people along the way, so we’ll be around for a long time.”

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