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Posted By Mr. Hand on December 29th, 2015

“Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…” Well friends, it has come time for us to turn out the lights. It has been an extraordinary 20 year run for this band. We are so thankful for the opportunities to perform at some incredible events and meet so many great people along [...]


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Show Report: Roadhouse Lounge

Posted By Mr. Hand on November 24th, 2008

That sound you heard last Saturday night was the sound of beer flowing, shots pouring and good times rolling at the Roadhouse Lounge in West Point, NE. We made it back for “indoor” rock and roll season and it did not disappoint. With a fun crowd and an awesome bar staff, what more could a band ask for? Well, maybe just one more of those red snappers!

Thanks to everyone who made it out and we look forward to seeing you again in February for the Beach Bash.

Show Report: The Depot

Posted By Mr. Hand on November 17th, 2008

We barely survived another weekend at the Depot in Norfolk, NE. The shots were flowing freely and of course we just can’t say no! We had good turnouts both nights and it’s because of everyone that made it out that we had such a great time.

Of course, the gang at the Depot were great as usual (Brad, Amanda, Perry, Kelly, Molly). In fact you can check out more pictures on their myspace page. We can’t wait to come back on New Year’s Eve. What a crazy night that will be!

This coming Saturday we’ll be at the Roadhouse in West Point, NE. Hope to see you there.

Show Report: The Patio

Posted By Mr. Hand on November 11th, 2008

This past weekend we had a little Mr. Hand reunion. Our previous drummer, Jeff Lickfelt made the journey up to Sioux City from Arkansas to spend some time with us. Fortunately we were playing at the Patio so it gave us a chance to do some jamming. Our good buddy Mike Fitzpatrick also made the trip and joined us on stage. All in all it was a great weekend!