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to the Mr. Hand home page. We are a Midwestern rock and roll band based in Omaha, NE. Get our latest news, music, videos and show schedule here.
Posted By Mr. Hand on November 13th, 2013

Download our new digital only release “Second Start Acoustic EP” for FREE through In 2010 we released our 5th album Second Start. During the process of that album we always wanted to record alternate “unplugged” versions. Now 3 years later we’re finally realizing that idea! Get your copy now!


Big news coming soon!

Posted By Mr. Hand on October 28th, 2013

We’re so excited to share some news about something we’ve been working on that we think you’re gonna like. And we’re almost ready to share it! Since we’ll be sharing this news with members of our email list first, this is your opportunity to join our email list! Use the signup form at the top of this page or go here to be one of the first to hear the news.

Sign up now, announcement coming very soon!

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2 Responses to “Big news coming soon!”

Ryan Eichelberger

I would love it if you guys still had some copies of your CD’s the 1st one with superhero on it an the 2nd one with the cute dog in sunglasses I have lost mine an they were really good

Mr. Hand

Thanks Ryan! We’ll have to dig around to see what we can do for ya.

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